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Built for recruiters by recruiters, HRS has a long standing history with recruitment.

A recruiters friend, the HRS story so far
The Telegraph Business Club recently caught up with HRS as part of their Human Capital & Technology series.

Built for recruiters by recruiters, HRS is software tailored to an industry that its founding team knows extremely well. Coming from a background in recruitment himself, Carl Holst-Roness realised there wasn’t a system to suit his needs and, having spotted this gap in the market, developed one himself.

Seeking further investment, he teamed up with Eldon Jobe whom, as an early customer and user of the software, understood the true power and benefits of HRS in managing recruitment workflow. Here, they tell the Telegraph Business Club how they have grown the business, building a client base, much of it organically through word of mouth.

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HRS Timeline

  • 2000: HRS Pro developed by Carl
  • 2002: HRS Pro v1 released
  • 2003: HRS Pro v2 released
  • 2004: Sublime Solutions Ltd formed
  • 2005: HRS Pro v3 released
  • 2006: HRS Pro v4 released
  • 2008: HRS merged with Cordis UK Ltd
  • 2009: HRS Pro v10 released
  • 2009: HRS Pro v7 released
  • 2009: HRS Lite v1 released
  • 2010: HRS Pro v8 released
  • 2011: RecruitmentForce Ltd Formed
  • 2011: Newcastle office opened
  • 2012: lb750,000 investment from North Star
  • 2012: HRS Pro v10 released
  • 2012: HRSi v1 released
  • 2013: HRSi v2 released
  • 2013: HRS Lite v6 released
  • 2014: New London office opened in Clapham
  • 2014: HRS Pro v12 released
  • 2014: Staff count hits 16
  • 2014: Training centre opened in Clapham
  • 2014: Introducing HRS Connect
  • 2015: Introducing Tiro Job board
  • 2015: HRS Social Sourcer launched Find out more
  • 2016: More upgrades, news features and development! Schedule you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r HRS demo today

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