Applicant Tracking Software

Optimise performance, manage the entire recruitment
workflow from a single powerfully integrated system


HRS delivers fast powerful performance through an elegant, user-friendly interface. Seamlessly manage Permanent, Temporary, Contract and Executive Search recruitment from a single, powerfully integrated Applicant Tracking System.

Optimise the recruitment process with features such as email and calendar integration, key task automation, intelligent CV parsing, social marketing and job board connectivity.

Available via you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r iPhone or iPad HRS allows you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 to work on the move. With mobile technology you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 will never miss a deal again.

With all product updates included, HRS helps you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 stay a step ahead of the curve - future proof recruitment technology.

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Applicant Tracking Software with an intuitive recruitment workflow

Source, engage and place more candidates

Connect & Engage

Applicant Tracking System

Increase you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r candidate pool with social media and job board connectivity. Share you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r jobs with the active and passive candidates through social media, you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r website and job boards.

Capture & Acquire

Applicant Tracking System

Bulk upload CVs (from email, job boards, locally) in seconds with fast, accurate CV parsing. HRS notifications prevent duplication of candidates keeping you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r database accurate and lean.

Search & Match

Applicant Tracking System

Our super fast, intuitive search allows you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 to search within any field in a candidate or contact record. Find what you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 need when you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 need it. Match candidates and roles with HRS's intuitive tagging.

Take you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r clients and candidates with you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗

Mobile has shifted expectancies. The ability to respond immediately to social media messages and emails anywhere at anytime has significantly narrowed the consultant to candidate response window.

A mobile applicant tracking system provides flexibility and speed to users, two key factors in successful recruitment. Enabling consultants to set up interviews, search for candidates, update information and email CVs on the move, could be the difference between losing and closing a deal.

With HRS you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 can access you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r full data from anywhere with an Internet or 3G/4G connection. With seamless data sync across you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r iPhone, iPad and computer information is kept up to date and accurate.

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HRS Applicant Tracking Software Features

Recruitment Marketing

Bulk targeted emails, job board connectivity and integrated social media including LinkedIn. Find and engage more candidates.

Email and Calendar

Organise you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r diary with email and calendar integration (IMAP & SMTP). Includes Outlook, Mail, and Outlook for Mac.

Powerful Search Builder

The advanced search builder within HRS helps you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 find the information you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 need, when you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 need it. If it's there, you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗'll find it.

Official Google Partner

Accurate postcode limiting, distance calculations and directions for candidates and companies using Google Maps.

Back Office & Automation

A simple and easy way to manage you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r back office. With automated tasks HRS significantly reduces time spent on admin.

Official Broadbean Partner

Write you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r job ad once and post it to unlimited job sites in one click with our seamless Broadbean integration.

BIG Data reporting and KPIs

HRS’s graphical interface and live reports on consultant and job activities makes results quick and effortless to analyse.

HRS analyses you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r recruitment data providing clear reports though it's graphical interface. With live KPIs, stats and live reports on consultant and job activities.

Get instant, real-time performance reports on candidates, clients and staff to help you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 fine tune recruitment performances.

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