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Recruitment CRM

Manage client, candidate and prospect relationships efficiently with a powerful integrated recruitment CRM. Build and maintain strong relationships with integrated communication including social media.

Big data and reporting

HRS analyses you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r recruitment data providing clear reports through a graphical interface. Get instant, real-time performance reports on candidates, clients and staff to help you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 fine tune recruitment performance.

Recruitment Marketing

Find, connect and engage active and passive candidates with recruitment marketing technology. Increase you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r candidate pool with social media posting, job board connectivity and targeted email.

Flexible Contracts | Pricing

With HRS you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 can add additional user licences instantly as you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r company grows and switch them off should you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 have to downsize. With monthly payments, you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗r outgoings are reduced helping you鸿运彩票是正规平台吗 manage that all important cashflow.

Recruitment ATS

HRS delivers fast powerful performance through an elegant, user-friendly interface. Seamlessly manage Permanent, Temporary, Contract and Executive Search recruitment from a single, powerfully integrated ATS.


We are as passionate about support as we are about our software. Our dedicated support team are on hand to resolve any potential problems. With the HRS support ticketing system everyone is kept up to date and informed.